Here we go.....

Not really the best day/week for me.  I feel like those tulips over there!!  Just not in a happy place today.  But I'm getting some homework done and that feels good!!  This was a difficult discussion for me....reading and commenting on someone else's work isn't the easiest thing to do.  It's hard telling someone you don't like something about the work they did.  It's harding hearing it, too.  I am a critical person, but mostly about myself and the work that I do.  That's all I got!! 


Mind Blockage!!!

Is there anything more amazing than these pictures?  I was having difficulty with movtivating myself and decided to search pictures.  These came right up from Bwindi National Park in Africa and put such a smile on my face!  I feel more relaxed and able to continue with school work today!!  Have lots to do on my first draft.  Am very inspired...maybe for a trip to Africa one day!!!  Please take a look and enjoy these pictures.  Let them help you reflect on your day and those you love.  They are sure to calm you and put a nice smile on your face!!!  They did mine!  Enjoy your day!!!



Blogs are definately a type of freewriting.  You can put down many ideas into one blog.  Blogging is another way of clearing your mind of clutter and freeing it so you can concentrate on the task at hand...whether it's a school assignment or life assignment!

Took my kids to the beach yesterday and spent the day with old friends.  It was nice to reconnect.  The beach is definitely my favorite place to be...it's so tranquil and soothing.  Helps to clear the mind.  Breathing in the salt air is cleansing.

Gotta get clear and jump into my paper!!!!!  Peace out!!  lol


Unit 4 blog

Feeling like blue writing today!!!  I am back online on my own computer after having the last storm knock out our service!  I found out that Mcdonalds has free wifi service, so off I went with my daughters lap top the past few nights!!!!  lol

Who knew that a writing class could teach so much?  I have to admit that I really like the discussion board.  It allows us to be constructively honest and I like that.  I hope that none of you take offense to anything I say....I have this "mother hen" and sometimes I just like teaching people to think outside their own box.  I also love being challenged and the discussion board definately challenges me.

I enjoy writing...sometimes I think I write better than I speak.  I get more of myself on paper, for some reason.  Maybe it's just safer.  Anyway....I'm researching and researching...having a little difficulty pinning down my topic in sources...they almost all are saying similar things....got to find a different word grouping.  Off to research!!!!!