Unit 4 blog

Feeling like blue writing today!!!  I am back online on my own computer after having the last storm knock out our service!  I found out that Mcdonalds has free wifi service, so off I went with my daughters lap top the past few nights!!!!  lol

Who knew that a writing class could teach so much?  I have to admit that I really like the discussion board.  It allows us to be constructively honest and I like that.  I hope that none of you take offense to anything I say....I have this "mother hen" and sometimes I just like teaching people to think outside their own box.  I also love being challenged and the discussion board definately challenges me.

I enjoy writing...sometimes I think I write better than I speak.  I get more of myself on paper, for some reason.  Maybe it's just safer.  Anyway....I'm researching and researching...having a little difficulty pinning down my topic in sources...they almost all are saying similar things....got to find a different word grouping.  Off to research!!!!!