Ok, I think I'm getting the hang.  Just finished adding more of my classmates onto my "following" list.  Think I have most of you now!!  For some reason this seems to be the hardest thing for me to get used to having to do~~not sure why, I've certainly done harder things than this in my life!!

My mom's been in the hospital....again....since last week.  Hoping she is well enough to come home soon.  Every time she goes in (and it's quite often), there's always this question of whether or not she's gonna make it home....but she always does!  I don't think I've met anyone so tough in my life~maybe that's where I get it from!!

Quiet holiday weekend.  Catching up on things...kinda boring.  Lotsa decisions to make in the next few months that will impact myself and my children.  Always hoping I make the right ones!!!

Off to do more school work!! 


  1. Hello!

    I was having a hard time getting everyone added too. I think I finally have it. I have never blogged before but I do a lot on facebook so that counts, I guess! Haha!

    I hope your mother gets better soon! There is nothing worse than a sick parent. I always feel helpless while they are in the hospital. I am glad she is one tough lady. She obviously has a daughter who is there for her!

    I think that a quite holiday weekend can be just as good as hectic one. I found that a lot of families stayed around home and di things there because they could not afford to go on a vacation. I know we did a parade and a couple of bar-b-ques but that was it for us.

    Good luck on this weeks homework. I know I am behind. Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and dedicate some real time to it.

    Have a good week!


  2. Hey, Missy.
    Thank you for the comment! As you can see, I am still not used to blogging on a regular basis. It's kind of neat though...gives us a more personal way to communicate with each other. Off to blog for unit 4!!!! Take care.