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I'm not quite used to having this blog and keep forgetting to write on it!  This weekend consisted of working yesterday, taking an awesome nap and running my youngest around to parties, and of course school work!  Weather today is gray and dreary which usually puts me in tired mode.  The theme of this blog seems to be "tired"  lol!! 

This is my fourth term at Kaplan and so far I really enjoy the challenge and am doing quite well.  I've changed my major from a Bachelors of Healthcare Admin to Bachelors of Health and Wellness.  I see the medical field heading toward prevention and getting out of this waiting until we're sick to fix it mode.  It really peaked my interest after taking Models of Health and Wellness class.  I'm already searching out what classes I want to take for my electives.  I am looking forward to researching my paper for my writing class.

Life is kind of funny....I'm finally, after 48 years, looking into what I want my future to look like.  So far this is what I see......after my third child goes off to college in another 5 years, I plan on moving south!!   In very close proximity to a beach.  It's where I've always wanted to be...thinking the southern part of North Carolina....not right on the shore, but not too far away either.  I see myself living in a beautiful condo with no lawn to take care of...in my new job developing health and wellness programs for corporations, hospitals and maybe even for the government.  Right now I am thinking of gearing these programs toward underprivileged children who don't have a lot of money to purchase the proper nourishing foods.     

So this was a lot of writing today.  I will continue to try and write on here more often.  Gonna go look and see what some of my classmates are writing!!!!

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