Pushing forward

So today these are the things that put a smile on my face!  It's the end of unit 8 and we are almost done this term!  Hard to believe.  Although I won't graduate for another couple of years, it's always nice to think about it!  this term has been interesting.  I've enjoyed ths blog and hope to continue it.  Sorry for any spelling erros, I'm typing in yellow and can't see it very well.  So off to finish up my paper (and the one for my anatomy class).  Enjoy the 4th!!!!

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  1. Hello Roz,

    I am surprised at how fast this term is going. I can't believe we are just about finished with week 8 already. It has been an interesting term. I also have a while more to go before I graduate but I am getting there one term at a time. LOL

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. I feel like I need to relax after a holiday. It is usually so busy that you don't get time to just breathe and relax.

    I see that you are hoping to continue your blog after this class is over. I thought about doing that myself but I do not think many people will and without them no one will read what I say anyway. That is why I am not sure that I will since I write updates almost everyday on Facebook.

    Have a great week! See you in class!