We are almost there!!!

It's really hard to believe that we are almost finished this term!  I've learned so much from each of you...of course that includes you, too, Professor!!  It's fun to open your eyes to find that we all still have so much to learn from everyone that we meet....I try to do that with each class and with those I come into contact with every day!!  Thank you all for your respect and knowlegdge.  I hope to be seeing you all in a future class.  Gotta run and finish up some work!!!  Rock On!!!!


  1. Hi Roz,

    I agree with you about learning so much from our classmates! I think this class has been a learning experience and it was made better by the professor and our classmates! I learned a lot about everyone from their blogs. I think time has flown by. I hope to see you in future classes! Have a great summer!

  2. Roz - I agree with you - I've learned a lot this term as well. Best of luck to you!